The Yale Ex!t Players

Yale's Oldest Improv Comedy Group

Why Improv?

We know we're biased, but believe us: improv is incredibly fun. If you've done it before, you know how addictive it can be. And if not, we're telling you, now is the time to start.

People tend to think that they need to be especially witty to do improv, but actually, the first thing any good improv teacher will tell you is to stop trying to be funny! Believe it or not, good improv is not about making jokes: it's about teamwork, listening, reacting, being vulnerable, and being totally in-the-moment. Anyone can learn to improvise. If you want to give it a try, come to our zero-stress, non-evaluative workshops. If you like what we show you (and we think you'll be hooked), we'd love to see you at our only-a-tiny-bit-of-stress, evaluative-but-still-fun auditions.

Check out the 2018 schedule below. And if you've decided you want to do improv but are not sure which group is right for you, check out what we think makes Exit special (on your right). Questions? Email us!

Why Exit?

We do playful, experimental, long-form improv. Like recently, we improvised a murder mystery.

We study improv. We bring professional improvisers to campus, and take comedy classes on our tours!

We create inclusive and empowering comedy. We ensure that anyone who wants to do improv can do so.

We love each other. Exit is not just about improv -- we're best friends! Every year, Exit Players live together off campus, go on trips together, and even live together after graduation.