The Yale Ex!t Players

Yale's Oldest Improv Comedy Group


The Yale Exit Players might be based at Yale, but we love bringing improv to audiences all around the country! We go on two tours a year (one in early January and another mid-March) where we spend a week in a new city performing and teaching improv at schools, theaters, youth centers, and anywhere improvisers or fans gather. If you're based in the Northeast, or in a place where we're touring this year, we'd love to hear from you! See below for examples of what we do and places we've been, and get in touch with us if you're interested in us coming to your school or workplace.

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Winter Tour 2017: New York, NY

Jan 09 2017 - Jan 13 2017

Spring Tour 2017: LA + SF, CA

Mar 13 2017 - Mar 17 2017

Our Shows

With over 30 years of history as Yale’s oldest improv comedy group, we have experience performing for audiences of all ages! While we specialize in long form improv, we can combine anything from short wit based games to improvised one-act plays to create the perfect show that meets all of your needs. We require no set, no props, and can perform in any space. Our shows can last anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, and beyond. We've worked with audience participation (perfect for the young and the young at heart), musical accompaniment, and much more!

Our Workshops

We also give away our secrets to success at our workshops! We’ll meet your group at their skill, age level, and need. We often work with theater or public speaking students, and we've also given corporate workshops, confidence building workshops, and even anti-bullying workshops. The skills that improv teaches (teamwork, listening, thinking on your feet, finding the fun, etc.) are applicable to any discipline and (we think) life itself. Your students or colleagues will leave with a new set of tools to engage improv, their work, and the world around them in a more positive, collaborative, and creative way, and they’ll have a blast too!

Corporate Workshops

Ex!t believes improv is more than just fun for our clients. For us, improv is all about forming strong relationships and collectively building towards common goals—two targets we think any professional team should care for! We host workshops on everything from team building, storytelling, and communication to brainstorming, change management, and sales. And if you have a particular skill set you would like your team to work on, please reach out to us about workshops tailor-made to fit your needs. We’ll even travel right to your office for maximum convenience! Past clients include Facebook, Logitech, VSA Partners, and The Yale School of Art.

Where we've been...

The Amity Teen Center, Woodbridge, CT

The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles, CA

Austin Peace Academy, Austin, TX

Avery Coonley School, Chicago, IL

The Browning School, New York, NY

Cedar Park High School, Cedar Park, TX

The Chadwick School, Los Angeles, CA

Riverdale Country School, New York, NY

The Trinity School, New York, NY

...and many more!