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On-Campus Shows

Welcome to our online show database! The Exit Players generally perform eight to ten on-campus shows each school year. The best way to stay up to date with our shows is to head over to our Facebook Event Calendar and hit that subscribe button: you will get a notification (just one, we promise!) each time we create a show. But while you're here, why not browse through some of our past shows? Just click on a poster thumbnail to learn more about a particular show.

Spring 2018 Show Schedule

Recruitment Show: 2/16/18, 8pm @ Trumbull Nick Chapel

Yale School of Drama Satellite Festival: 3/29/18, 10pm @ YSD Cabaret

Midterm Show: 4/7/18, 9pm @ Hopper Cabaret

Bulldog Days Show: 4/24/18, 10pm @ Saybrook Dining Hall

Senior Show: 4/27/18, 9pm @ JE Blackbox

Family Weekend 2016
Senior Show 2016
Oddyssey: A Genre Show
Carol of the Adeles
Recruitment Show 2015
Senior Show 2015
Downton Abbeyish
Crazy Stupid Glove
Middlebrow Joint Show
Snow Man of La Mancha
All About That Bass
Family Weekend 2014
Recruitment Show 2014
Senior Show 2014
30th Reunion
Wolf of Wall St. Pizza
Kvetching Fire
Improvised Clue
A Celebration of Peter Salovey
Family Weekend 2013

It's lit. Flames. Get turnt. Roll up to this show. You know what to do. Featuring, for the first time:

Haja Kamara

Sammy Grob

Musicals often have a closing number. A real showstopped. And what way is more fitting than a song to send off our two glorious, theatre nerd seniors. Featuring, for the last time:

Eliana Kwartler

Isaac Hudis

In a far past time, Oddysseus had to find his way home to Ithaca. And then stuff got weird.

Featuring full period improv! Our 2016 Genre Show.

All hear Adele

Lets sing Adele

All caroling





Come see the premier and closing night of Shonda Rhimes' new show, "Sandal."

You may have heard the story of the princess and the frog. Princess kisses frog, frog turns into prince, happily ever after, etc.

But did you know that frog did improv?

Audition for Exit and become the most beautiful princess in all the land. Guarenteed.

Sometimes life is like a sitcom. Filled with drama. Sometimes cheesy. Accompanied by a laughtrack. So what better way to send off our two lovely seniors! Featuring:

Alex Lew

Will Adams


Dearest Lords, Ladies, Footmen, and Mr. Bates,

Oh boy do we have a show for you tonight. Improvising in the style of an upstairs-downstairs drama, we will provide the finest tea, delectable laughs, and maybe even a scandal or two.

Ah Valentines day. A time to snuggle up with your gloved ones and spread glove with copious amounts of candy. A time where glove is truly, truly in the air.

One thing's for sure: The Exit Players are a real catch, and going to their improv show is a sure-fire way to begin your long sought courtship.


Join us on a cold February evening for a surreal combination of Yale and Middlebury long form improv. They must be cool, their logo is a face!

The mashup of "Do You Want To Build a Snowman" and "The Impossible Dream" you've waited your whole life for.

Midterms getting you down? Like, all the way to the ocean's depths down? We think we've a cure for that sort of seasickness!

Come see the Exit Players' annual Family Weekend Show! We've tapped 3 new Frexies, and boy are they super!

Marisa London PC '18

Jordy Gardenshwartz TD '18

Hannah Billingsly ES '18

Tired of that same old back to school conversation template? Ever thought of going into a conversation and improvising a salutation? Then improv might be for you!

Stop by the Calhoun Cabaret to see if Exit's brand of long form improv is for you! Sunshine and sandy beaches guarenteed.

We were founded in 1984.

30 years later, we find ourselves in a Brave New World.

This Friday, join us for our not-actually-dystopia-themed SENIOR SHOW!!!!! (also known as: your last chance to see Amy and Ava, two AMAZING improvisors, be funny with Ex!t!)

PLUS we'll be doing improv based on TRUE stories from Ava and Amy's lives!

Friday, April 25


Dport/Pierson Theater


Like that Drake song was once rumored to go (before some minor edits), "You only celebrate your improv group's 30th reunion once!" Yes, after being born in that distant Orwellian time of 1984, Yale's oldest improv comedy troupe has reached the age of thirty. This calls for a celebration.

Come see the Exit Players in a truly special show this Saturday -- over thirty of our illustrious alumni from across the years will be returning to the stage and joining us in an extravaganza of sharp wit, cunning humor, and dashing good looks that is sure to be unforgettable. You will not want to miss this once-every-five-years event.


SATURDAY 4/5 @8pm in LC 102

True story, before becoming the Oscar-nominated movie everyone raved about, this film was about Leo DiCaprio making a windfall and getting caught up in the seedy world of pizza joints. Not sure why they thought making it about the financial markets would be an improvement. In any case: COME SEE THE SHOW.


Kick off your reading week with some good ol' improv! It's our annual Holiday Show, and it's sure to be special. For one, it's our lovely senior Zoe Greenberg's last show at Yale! For another, we're performing in a snazzy, rare location: Connecticut Hall's Faculty Room! Come by and join in the festivities!

Friday, December 6 at 8pm

CT Hall Faculty Room (second floor)


Come join The Ex!t Players as they attempt to solve a crime and find out who among them is responsible for the untimely death of another. It's a whodunnit the likes of which no one has seen, because it'll be generated by an audience suggestion! Ah, mystery on multiple levels.


Peter Salovey. It seems like EVERYONE is talking about him. Peter Salovey this. Peter Salovey that. The whole block is even having a party. Well, the Ex!t Players is not one (are not eight?) to be left out. That's why we've titled this month's show after him!

We hope you'll join us for an hour of improv comedy in Nick Chapel Friday night! As they say, "A day without laughter is a day wasted."

Come see the Exit Players' annual Family Weekend Show! Bring your parents, bring your selves, bring your friends and all their bookshelves!

(Rhyming stuff is hard!)

Also, come see our beautiful new Frexies in their FIRST Ex!t show ever:

Abigail Schneider TC '17

Sam Levatich SY '17

Isaac Hudis SM '16

Friday, 9/27 at 9pm in the Calhoun Cabaret.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE EXIT PLAYERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~ DO SHOPPING PERIOD ~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~A RECRUITMENT SHOW!~~~~~~~~~~~~

After a LONG HOT SUMMER, the YALE EXIT PLAYERS (yale's oldest improv comedy group) are back in town, and we are DOING shopping period. (By having an improv show.)

IF YOU ARE AN UPPERCLASSMEN, come! It will be fun! And you can bring any freshmen or sophomores you know too!

IF YOU ARE A FRESHMAN OR SOPHOMORE, you should come too! Bring your friends! It will be a really fun show, and if you're thinking of auditioning for improv next week, the recruitment show is a really great way to get a feel for the type of improv we do. (You can also check out our website at


obviously come to the show, but also:

We have TWO zero-stress, very fun workshops coming up. One of them is Monday, September 2 at 8:30pm, and the other is Saturday, September 7 at 1:30pm. Even if you

- have never done improv before

- are an upperclassman who is so over the extracurricular scene at Yale

- are an expert in improv and know everything there is to know

these workshops will still be really fun so you should come.

see you soon!